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Anise Search cultivates a client-partner list that mirrors our commitment to: leveling inequities in nonprofit leadership; centering under-represented leaders and communities; and amplifying overlooked and under-told histories. Our search method and practice with our clients is an iterative, partnership-centered process rooted in shared values, morals, and ethical practices to unearth leaders for the next generation of nonprofit leadership. 

Current Opportunities

Executive Director

Harpersville, Alabama

The Wallace Center for Arts and Reconciliation is a non-profit organization that promotes reconciliation, healing, and repair through arts, education, and cultural programming. Our board was formed around descendants of the enslaved and enslavers of the Wallace plantation in Harpersville, Alabama. Starting with the descendant community and moving out to the broader community, we foster reflection, hard conversations, and truth-telling to reckon with our past and present and create a shared narrative for the future.

Chrysalis Lab helps courageous leaders co-create solutions that drive social change.
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